Business Profile Video Productions

We know the country music industry. We only work with companies directly associated with the country music industry in Nashville and throughout the country.

Company profile videos are like video bios for artist. They let the world “behind the scenes” of your country music business. You post great products and services all day, but the trend right now is more about the people and who they are. What happen in the background of the business. This is why reality TV is so popular right now.


It gives you the chance to set yourself apart from your competitors in the music industry by explaining how and why you do what you do.


Sharing your passion for your work in the country music industry will encourage confidence in the viewer and make your brand more memorable and trustworthy in the music industry.

Video lends itself perfectly to building brand awareness as it is such a versatile medium. Unlike written text, with video you’re not relying on the viewer to use their imagination. Instead, you bring your imagination to the viewer, telling your story in a creative and engaging way.

By featuring real employees talking about their roles in the company and the team at work. This builds trust in your brand as consumers can relate to your workers as people just like them who love country music and Nashville.

A business profile video lends authority to your business as it shows that you are serious about your brand image and that you want your customers to have the best possible experience .

Facts show four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video than read written text on the same subject, a business profile video shows that you are listening to their needs.

Employee Profile Video Productions

Your employees are the foundation of your business and without them your business would not be where it is today in the country music industry.

Show the world your employees, how they help support you, build your business, the country music industry and Nashville.


This will built trust and a sense of connection with your company and with your staff.


They help provide a connection and personality to your clients on a daily basis.

Social Media Content Productions

Social media dominates most of your marketing  time and budget. Not to mention the time to produce the content to feed social media enough to be competitive in your industry.

Let's face it, you did not go into business to learn how to produce video content, run cameras, editing software and list goes on.

We offer complete photography and video production solutions for those businesses specializing in the country music industry that will keep you competitive in the social media world with professional productions in weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or annual packages to produce result for your country music company.

You don't need to advertise on every social media platform, even though we don't handle social media personally, we can help you decide the best platform for your music industry business. All while customizing your production for those specific social media platforms.

We don't want to make a bunch of content that is useless, we want to make content that produces results for your country music business.

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Company Websites

Company Blogs

Production Support Services

1080 | 4k | 6k Video

We base the gear on your production needs and where the video will be viewed. The term "overkill" comes to mind with other production companies.

Voice Over

Professional voice over or narrating is key to a video that captures audiences attention.

Drone Services

Drone footage is key to any production and the we use professional and fully licensed drone pilots.

B-Roll Footage

Every production must a script! We have a network of script writer and proofing professionals based on your specific industry.


Teleprompters are a great way to produce you video, allowing you to produce long segments in one shot.

Dedicated Producer

Every production needs a producer, it make your video production run smoothly and on budget.

Spokes Models

Professional spokes models take your video production to the next level and are very cost effective.

Script Writing

Every production must a script! We have a network of script writer and proofing professionals based on your specific industry.

Prop Rentals

We work with several prop companies to provide cars, trucks, furniture and more for your production.

Location Scouting

We come and scout the location prior to any production and price quote if possible.


Professional clothing stylist so you look your best. When you use professional stylist they can help you step outside your comfort zone with amazing results.

Stock Footage

Every production must a script! We have a network of script writer and proofing professionals based on your specific industry.

Personal Assistants

Your personal assistant will help you with posing, vocals, clothing adjustments and more so you can focus on your production.

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