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Executive Portrait


Every part of the executive portrait, from the light, composition, clothing, makeup, jewelry, background, expression, etc, is a conscious decision, on the part of the photographer and the subject, to create an image designed to stand out in the executive world of the country music industry.

This production is designed for the true executive of at higher levels of corporate businesses in the world of country music. We design a production to cater to those individuals at the Executive Level of a corporation throughout the country music industry.

We know your time is extremely important and this production is designed specifically for you in mind. We do our best to be as least intrusive as possible to your day by setting up each shot while you work to keep the actual shoot time to a minimal.

Starting at $500

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Corporate Head Shot Production

A Corporate Portrait has similar aims and objectives to a Business Headshot but is much more expanded.

Like the Business Headshot, the images will reveal your personality and show you to be confident, professional and approachable but there will be a greater emphasis on your surroundings and the work environment you inhabit.


Showcase you you are and what your role in the country music industry is with a professional headshot production that capture the true you.

Starting at $499.00

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Business Owner Head Shot Productions

 Music industry business Headshot is a closeup of your head and shoulders that can be used for branding, marketing and identifying yourself in the marketplace of the country music industry


The picture will show you to be approachable and confident and can be taken using my mobile studio set up at your location or with an environmental background of the Nashville showing a hint of your surroundings such as your office, studio, factory floor or outdoors. This gives a brief view into your working world of the country music industry.

Starting at $399.00

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Employee Head Shot Productions

Your employees are the foundation of your business and without them your business would not be where it is today in the country music industry.

Show the world your employees, and how they help support and build your business. This will built trust  and a sense of connection with your company.

They help provide a face and personality of the people your clients deal with on a daily basis.

Pricing dependent on total number of employees


Team Portrait


Benefits of including team photos on your website

Makes a good first impression. First impressions are important, especially on a website where you have limited time to capture a visitors attention. Photos add interest to a page, and more easily engage users than just text.

Shows company personality. Adding team photos to your website will help to give life to your company, and will help to make your company seem friendly and inviting. They are also a great way to show off your company culture.

Strengthens relationships. Team photos allow people to associate a name with a face, which is important in creating a more personal connection with your potential customers.

Increases engagement. Adding team photos can go a long way towards making people feel more comfortable in contacting your company. It can help them to feel as though they are reaching out to an actual person, instead of just a random phone number or email address.

Pricing is depended on your location, number of employees and style of head shot fits your company or organization best.

Starting at $499.00

Pricing dependent on total number of employees, location and complexity


Support Services


The two most important things you can do to ensure amazing business portraits is have professional hair and makeup.


Professional clothing stylist so you look your best. When you use a professional stylist they can help you step outside your comfort zone with amazing results.


For our higher end corporate companies we offer hand painted custom backdrops specific to your company only.

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