Corporate Event Information

Production Flow for Corporate Events

Point of Contact

You contact us about your project.

Speak Direct with Terry

You are assign a project solution specialist to guide you though the process of your production.

Follow Up With Quote

You accept our estimate, a budget is agreed upon. Now the

Pre-Production begins.

Send Contracts

With in a few days we will submit a detailed storyboard with images, clip ideas, and graphic samples.

Conference Call Time

We have a quick list we go over to get a general idea of your companies needs.

Production Day (s)

Every one is happy with the storyboard and we have a plan of action for your production.

Pre-Production Interview

You accept our estimate, a budget is agreed upon. Now the

Pre-Production begins.

Post Production

We take your storyboard and begin the different produces that will make up your final company video profile production.

Editing & Retouching

Once we finish all the details of your production we will submit a draft of the production for review


We will set up a conference to twink the details of your draft to move towards a final production.


We made some changes and we are close to the goal line. Resubmit draft of production.

Edits / Retouching

A few more minor tweaks are needed, we got it!

Delivery of Final Images & Video

We submit a final production of the completed project for final approval !

We Nailed It!

We have completed your project 100% to your satisfaction and produced a an amazing production that tells the story of your event perfectly!

Follow Up in a few weeks

W will follow up in a few weeks to address any concerns.

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