Head Shot Information

Production Flow for Head Shots

Point of Contact

You contact us about your project.

Assign Head Shot Specialist

You are assign a project solution specialist to guide you though the process of your head shots.

Conference Call Time

We have a quick list we go over to get a general idea of your exact needs and provide an estimate.

Choose a Package

We help you choose the right package and services for you.

Hair / Make Up

We ways reccommend at least make up even for the guys to get the best results on your head shots.

Backdrops / Environmental

We help you choose the right backdrop and environmental area for your head shots.

Where / When

We need the when and where you want this to happen.

Pre-Production Tips

We send you a complete list of tips to help with clothing choices, jewelry, hair and more.

Production Day Set up

When we set it up take 1-2 hours, less time to break everything down.


While we are setting up the hair and make up take place. By then we are set up and ready to go.


Once we are done with all the shoots. We will go back and do a cull of the worst. Then we will send a link for you to view and add comments to.

Edits / Retouching

Once all the images have been rated and selected. The magic will begin in our retouchers department making your images amazing.

Delivery of Final Images

Once our retouchers have done their magic. We submit a final production of the completed project for final approval.

We Nailed It!

We have completed your project 100% to your satisfaction and produced a some amazing head shots!

Follow Up in a few weeks

We will follow up with you in a couple week to make sure you are still happy with results and answer any questions.

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