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My name is Terry Jent or "TJ" for short and I am the Chief photographer and owner of Shutter Views. I specialize in professional photography for people and events. My primary focus is music artist  photography, head shot photography, event photography, commercial photography, concert photography and assignment photography.

I offer both stylized photo shoots in remote locations throughout the country as well as studio shoots. I have a vast knowledge of true western states like Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. I have been to locations so remote for shoots the only way in is lifted Jeeps, Side-by-Sides or some via helicopter. Some there is no choice but to walk in by foot. 

I have a massive database of locations throughout the country of abandoned buildings, movie sets, canyons, arches, deserts, rivers, overlooks, ranches, ghost towns, plane crashes, gold mines, and the list go on and on. If I don't know of a location you are looking for, I will find fast through my network of connections.

How I got Started!

When I got out of High School, I became a Paramedic with my ACLS & PALS, I did this for 5 years and loved my job at first. I worked in the worst of the Atlanta suburbs and seen it all from gunshots, stabbings, and most common drug overdoses. After years of seeing the worst of the worst, it takes its toll on you. My breaking point was having a 12-year-old die in the ambulance because he swallowed crack from his older brother when the police stopped.


That is when I first started my photography business full time to do all the traditional photography like weddings, families and such. The more photography I produced, the more I knew this was my true calling and I decided to go back to college and further my education. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Lagrange University in Ga.


Throughout the years I have photographed some of the top country music artists in the nation and worked with top artists' management & publicist companies throughout the music and sports Industry.



I love every aspect of photography from meeting new people and seeing some amazing locations. Although my base of operations in Georgia and Tennessee, I travel the country shooting in amazing locations. 


Let's talk about your artist's next photo adventure!


Me in one of my favorite locations in the world, Yellowstone National Park.

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